How to Use the Brake Dust Cleaner



 The first step in cleaning anything is to rinse down the thing you’re cleaning.


We have a wheel that has months of brake dust, grime and dirt that adhered to the back of the wheel.


Even with a rinse the wheel and wiping it down with a microfiber the wheel still remains dirty.


Time to add some of the Brake Dust Cleaner.


Let it soak in for a couple of minutes and make sure you’re doing this in the shade because the sun will dry up the brake dust cleaner solution too quick.


The Brake Dust Cleaner doing work.


With our softest sponge we were able to remove all of the brake dust and grime with ease.


Next do the same to the front of the wheel.


Now you have a beautiful and clean rim, ready for car shows or just flossing at the grocery stores.

Get the Brake Dust Cleaner here..


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